A friend called me this week crying with a situation they had no control due to the pandemic. I wanted to rush over and change the situation and I truly could. But I didn’t. It wasn’t safe for me or them. I cried and sketched and went to bed late because that helps me process. Design is how I know to care for myself and others. I’m featuring those who do it best here in Issue #2.

This week features a special video shared with me by the incredible artist Alex Arrechea who I’ve been lucky enough to support while at UAP, a campaign to assist LGBTQ elders by my Italian, home-cooking neighbor Dan Pelosi and performance laden, architectural projects by a thoughtful professor I was fortunate to share the halls with while at the Rice School of Architecture, Bryony Roberts.

My friend’s call helped me realize control is what I’m working to release most and likely what we all are too. I want to lift away the image and mask I carry of myself that much more. With that I offer you another totem. My face sits above a painting of mine titled ‘My Gut Influencers’ with my heart below. It’s live and active.

My ‘gut’ is the center because it taught me the invaluable lesson of how to listen. I’m so much more intuitive, strong, playful, and clear because I’ve learned this lesson. Mind you, it was learned against my will after a lot of pain and embarrassment.

My gut also taught me who I could trust to take care of me and who is not ready or able. You’d be surprised, at least I was. I’ve changed professions, broken it off with my ex, moved apartments, gone into 10 days of silence, said yes to vacays with strangers, posted scandalous selfies and started an open letter to you. Julia Roberts’ better pray she don’t meet me.I’m losing control and gaining something I don’t know what!

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With care,

Alex Arrechea

Alex is a person who’s literally created and lifted many masks. And he hasn’t stopped during this quarantine! His work focuses on breaking down the concepts of power both socially and within forms like architecture. He’s an incredible water colorist while also working on enormously scaled sculptures and participatory installations.

“In moments like this we have to bring the best of ourselves. To start telling the story of our personal experience we are living today. As an artist, I have a responsibility…to bring ideas that perhaps deal with this experience of how emotionally we are all dealing with it.”

When I reached out to him, I didn’t expect to receive a video reel. But I’m also not surprised. Alex has been extremely generous to work alongside and I am excited to share the video and other work by him this week.

Dan Pelosi

Dan (aka. Grossy Pelosi) is objectively handsome af and also caring for his community like the super mom bear that makes his followers swoon. He’s recently gained over 10k followers with his comfort food cooking. That’s because among the recipes he shares himself fully, sprinkles personal bits about his Italian family, whips in queer memes and inspires all of us to do the same.

More importantly, our quarantine has given him an abundant audience eager for entertaining, home cooking. To give back for this opportunity, he’s using his super powers to support LGBTQ+ elders by raising money for Sage. You can help too by purchasing a t-shirt of your own! His Instagram is chock full of recipes, laughs and lots of color too! #ThisTooShallPasta

Bryony Roberts

I’m featuring the work of Bryony Roberts because her aesthetic and activism is leading where I believe we’re headed. You MUST watch the ‘We Know How to Order’ video! The African American South Shore Drill Team in Chicago, with choreography by Asher Waldron, speaks up and acts up in front of Mies van der Rohe’s Federal Center. It’s powerful and had me clapping at my home here in Brooklyn.

In a second project, the strength of steel, architectural frames hold a softly woven net in Soft Civic. More importantly, it directly engages the many people who brought it to life and the Columbus City Hall building in Indiana it was home. Not to mention the installation hosted a series of community events focused on democracy and leadership. Trailer here.

What are you letting go? What are you doing to listen? How are you removing your mask?

I want to hear from you most! Please send a reply, DM, pic, text or anything else without thinking twice.

…and Gov. Andrew Cuomo
The politician and daddy of this country’s presidential dreams. ‘Nough said.

This too shall pass.

Correction from Issue #1: Janani Balasubramanian, who co-organized Space Jam, informed me that it was not associated with Queer Art though advertised by the organization. Please find a link to Janani’s beautiful work here.

‘You’ image courtesy @theluckiestofsharms. I miss you already.

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