This week is gonna be different. I’ve gotten exhausted with introspection for the first time in a very long time. Over a dozen written entries have been inventoried that may or may not come out later. 

Instead we’re going to post three videos on modern day MTV, aka Instagram @neonfabrications. What about?

I was introduced to three characters who speak to what I’ve been grappling with the last five weeks. It feels like a coincidence but thankfully there are no such things.

Tuesday 5/14 | Chris Precht
A charismatic architect streaming from his mountain home in Austria

Sunday 5/17 | Paul Graham
The leading start-up founder preaching from Silicon ValleyTuesday 5/19 | Jen Jack Gieseking
A resilient queer mapping disappearing lesbian, dyke and queer spaces in NYC

Chris, Paul and Jen are as far from an alpha/beta/omega relationship as you can get. Their ideas are not romantically wed in my head space but represent three alphas competing for attention.

My step this week is to reconcile my relationship to them before the flames die down. Episodes will arrive by 6pm on each day. Let’s stoke this fire!

With care,

Chris Precht has tapped into the very soul of large-scale design that resonates with my ambitions for Neon Fabrications. We’ll get at the heart of why his aesthetics, value system and practice are a model I’m looking to for inspiration.

I was reminded about Paul Graham’s essays this week thanks to that revelatory conversation with my friend around my queer insecurities in starting a business. I’ve devoured several essays and will be sharing what ‘this guy’ has to do with our ambitions here.

I came across this interviewwith Jen Jack Gieseking when researching queer making. She’s an urban cultural geographer, feminist and queer theorist, and environmental psychologist. It was much harder to find a ‘professional’ image of Jen than Chris or Paul and their personal website is blocked on my work computer browser. We’ll get into that via IG later on Tuesday.

They took the credit for your second symphony
Rewritten by machine on new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see
– Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles

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