Choreographer and action architect Elizabeth Streb commissioned Neon Fabrications to design the award for S.L.A.M.’s Action Maverick Award recipient Neil Mazzella. The inspiration for the design is based on Streb’s own dance work and custom hardware integral to each performance. More than dance, the action heroes that perform at S.L.A.M. create moments where gravity no longer exists and pure action is felt during those split seconds just before impact.

The award is based on a spinning ladder performance called Ascension. 3D printing was utilized for all aspects of the design including several prototypes to produce a final sculpture that spun 360 deg around its axis and allowed for a Lego figure to attach onto each ladder rung in various positions. The award was conceived as a toy set with multiple truss shapes and ladder sizes that can be interchanged to create a variety of forms for playful action and serious experimentation.

Role: Artist, Fabricator
Client: Streb Lab for Action Mechanics, S.L.A.M.
Event: Maverick Award Gala for Neil Mazzella
Location: Brooklyn, NY

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