We’re here to assist you as an integral team member and partner for a project. Knowing the incredible hard work and sensitivities needed to realize installations and sculptures, Neon Fabrications allows you to grow your projects in scale without growing your studio team or personal practice at the same time.

We offer creative direction and project management services that you can choose depending on personal or project needs. The services we offer include:

• Project management
• Design assist and design development
• Vetting and hiring fabricators
• Outlining project schedules
• Coordinating with contractors
• Sourcing technical draftspersons
• Completing shop drawings
• Estimation and budgeting
• Reviewing material purchases
• Designing or fabricating prototypes & mock-ups
• Managing on-site installations
• Creating digital client presentations

We’re available to support, collaborate, and inspire your practice. That can mean a brainstorming session to unlock the next best step on a project, developing a concept sketch into a buildable construction, providing technical design drawings, estimating costs, choosing materials, building a project schedule, researching precedents, reaching out to contacts, finding local resources, full or partial project management and more. We’re here.

You can reach us by email at or find us on Instagram @neonfabrications.

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